Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Hyde Park Water and Mold Damage

The leak from the water heater allowed the liquid to wick into the sheetrock wall panels. The mold damaged is very visible in this Hyde Park rental unit indicat... READ MORE

Water Damage – Chicago Industrial Plant

Water damage took place at this Chicago assembly plant when thunderstorms packing very high winds damaged and displaced portions of the roof. Rainwater was allo... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration In Hyde Park

We are your water damage restoration specialists, and we are ready to restore your property to pre-water damage condition. Using our state-of-the-art equipment,... READ MORE

Water Damage – Chicago Home

Water damage struck this Chicago home when a strong band of thunderstorms packing very high winds tore a large section of the home’s roof off allowing a l... READ MORE

Water Damage – Chicago Law Office

Water damage at this Chicago law office was caused by an overnight rupture in the main supply line to the bathroom. The before photo shows how the carpeting in ... READ MORE

Water Damage – Chicago Office

Water damage occurred at this Chicago office building when a water pipe above the dropped ceiling busted causing a severe mess of water and insulation along wit... READ MORE

Water Damage – Hyde Park Wood Flooring

Water damage to the wood floors in this Hyde Park home had been caused be a minor leak in a water supply line. The property owner had cleaned up the surface wat... READ MORE